Thursday, November 20, 2008

E'asy Pie

I have always heard that phrase 'easy as pie', sweet ones come to my mind, but they are not easy...and it finally came to light, they call pizza- 'Pie' here in Jersey!

Pie for my dinner tonight...St Louis BBQ style...and thin crust...not much cheese! I American can I be to not like lots of cheese???

I grew out of being a true pizza lover, after they closed Shakey's Pizza Parlour down so many years ago in the south...I can still remember it...every June 16th, the New Orleans style band was playing 'When the saints go marching in'...while the family drank beer (well my dad anyway), me, root beer, and that birthday card I got in the mail for the free small and greasy pepperoni disk that I ate all to myself! I lived for those moments as a child...

Take your favorite pizza crust recipe and spread it out thinly (or thick); add a thin layer of your favorite sauce, white or red onto the crust. After marinating your chicken/tofu and mushrooms in your favorite (mine spicy) BBQ sauce, with a squeeze of lime or lemon. Chop some red onions. Brown chicken in need for tofu... Spread on thin pizza crust. Add some cheese, and maybe some extra BBQ sauce, and then bake!

Put on some Louie Armstrong playing New Orleans style trumpet music and remember when...da da da da...da da da da...da da da da da da da...

(BBQ Tofu/Mushroom on the left ~ BBQ Chicken on the right with no onions...they look the same, and taste just as good too)

HISTORY/FOOD GEEK NOTE: Do you remember Shakey's, well I found a website that talks about its history!