Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Moonshine Mamma's got the blues

Apricots are long gone (since there season is May), but after my 'Apricot Tasting Menu' party in June, I had yet to finish the last of Apricot Brandy that has been in the fridge since. Last night I decided to have the last of it and now I am ready to let the recipe out of the closet.

Open House tasting dinners happen in our house quarterly and invite the appreciative foodies that we have met along the way. Putting together a creative meal that includes a companion drink makes me giddy...

Apricots & Acoustics

Grilled Mahool Dates
stuffed with goat cheese, apricot, and Prosciutto San Danielle wrapped

Mixed Green Salad
with homemade apricot whole wheat crackers

Herb Chicken Breast
stuffed with spinach, cheese, and apricots

Virginia's Apricot Pies
filled with goat cheese, apricot, and drizzled with apricot herb sauce
(my mother was the queen of fried pies when I was a child)

a blend of my brandy, sparkling water, and a splash of Ume Wine(Asian Plums)

Acoustic Tunes
Provided by Richard Roy through out our evening
(he worked for food)

If I had the time and was into blogging when I made this menu I would have some good pictures to add. All I have left is the jar of apricots now. (All organic ingredients)

If you like making your own brews, wine, and spirits; then you know how easy it is, or so I thought. The internet hosts many sites that can help you in the journey, or you just go buy it down the street. One funny site I did find was 'Making Moonshine', complete with a youtube video of an old codger in the back woods, accent and all! I had to wonder if the internet law enforcement squad has me on their list now?

I did find a site that I book marked, and the guy is quite frank about his success and mistakes along the alcohol road. I emailed him and asked a few questions, and he happily responds with suggestions that helped me. www.guntheranderson.com

Lemoncello was another one I had to try. I also experimented with this bottle of fir tree brandy we brought home from the PNW. This stuff kind of taste like grappa gone wild, or come to think of it what turpentine might taste like.

I made a granita out of it and then put it into some vodka, and it wasn't bad, but straight up? Me no likie...my husband can polish that one off all by himself!

Well I am thinking about my next dinner party before Thanksgiving, and what unique drink I will pair with my menu...and who to invite???

Bear picture courtesy of email from a friend, and an unknown source???