Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lemony Chicken

In my most recent blog I complain about not being able to have those little things we cherish that contain too much salt, like capers. One of my favorite dishes eating out might consist of chicken, made with capers and white wine, and a few artichokes, some steamed vegetables, and maybe a side of pasta. Eating it out is not always the healthiest choice for me.

On my quest to eat lite and low sodium keeping my blood pressure at an all time low (genetics also had something to do with it on both sides), and working as a personal chef pushed me into seeking alternative flavor punchers for the taste buds, replacing the salt. Several of my clients complained that they needed to eat healthier and were willing to take a chance on new ideas for their meals.

Here is one of my favorite recipes I developed and many of my clients will make on their own:

5-6 Chicken Breasts (large whole and do not pound out thin; otherwise cook less time)
1 Medium Red Onion- slices or small chop
2 Portabellas; sliced
3 Medium to large Lemons- roll and juice; straining off seeds, small chop the rest
3-5 Tablespoons olive oil- 2 for drizzling over chicken; 1 for sauteing lemon pieces
2 Tablespoons Italian herbs
2 Tablespoons garlic power, or 3 cloves of garlic- minced
Pinch of Himalayan (higher in minerals/lower in sodium to most) sea salt
Enough Fresh Green beans; cleaned and dried to place on top of mixture (will steam)

1/2 Cup Cheese for garnish if desired

-In baking dish spread out chicken breasts, and cover with seasonings, lemon juice, onions, and mushrooms, and drizzle with oil.

Bake 350 degrees on top rack, tightly covered in foil- 25 minutes

-In sauce pan; saute lemon pieces in at least one tablespoon olive oil, until browning; add wine to deglaze and then strain sauce back into pan; then reserve a few lemon pieces for plating if desired and discard the rest.

-Remove the baking dish from oven and place chicken pieces on top of vegetables; cover and return to oven.

Bake 20 more minutes...

-Remove baking dish from oven once more and pour juice into pan as carefully as possible into saute pan, and return baking dish to oven for another 10 minutes or so, lightly covered with foil.

-heat up sauce to medium high and reduce liquid by half; when chicken is cooked; plate and drizzle sauce over chicken.

I generally like to sprinkle with Parmesan cheese or goat cheese, and a few red pepper flakes!

WINE: D.F.B. Estate Dundee Hills, 2007 Melo´n, De Pont Vineyards, Oregon, Willamette Valley. The Melon de Bourgogne (Pinot blanc style in America) grapes are akin to the French Muscadet; which are known to be light, creamy, and hints of citrus. The nose of this bottle and are of light floral hints with a added slight lemon feel on the mouth that was a perfect match for the herbs and sauce of the chicken dish. We picked this wine up on chance while looking for another vineyard in the Willamette subdivision area.