Friday, November 7, 2008

Dill'icious Combinations

Fresh dill caught my eye at one of my favorite small mom and pop markets here in the area; along with Blanch turnips, and some multi colored carrots (purple, orange, and yellow) the rest just came to me...a dill'icious combination dinner for Friday movie night.

They were not the prettiest veggies I have seen, but locally grown and organic is fine with me. I decided to make a turnip risotto, Caribbean turnip greens, and roasted veggies!

Blanc turnips do not have a strong flavor as their yellow cousin, but similar looks to another family member, the radish. The flavor was just shy of having that radish bite, and can be eaten raw. I reserved some to garnish the plate; along with one scallion.
Note: turnips soften as they cook, so adding a few on top gives it a nice extra crunch.

I was surprised to see heirloom tomatoes still on the shelf, but that will do for an added touch to my turnip greens that scream, bite me! You can see by its color that they were pulled too soon, and with cooler weather it will not ripen to a nice red color, and tasting it confirmed my suspicions.

Turnip greens are not as bitter as other wild tops, like mustard. Just a little oil, onion, some seasonings make this a yummy southern favorite of mine.

I roast many veggies together; it gives them a sweetness that you just cannot beat, and goes well with the sweetness of the risotto and the bite of the greens.

Okay, here is one more look before we sit back, watch 'Get Smart', and eat this right up!