Saturday, March 14, 2009


Okay here is one of my stories...I cannot guarantee if you hang out with me it would be like this all the time, but it has been known I somehow find the parties and make friends where ever I go. I would however always feed you!

My (new open mic) girl friends and I are suppose to go to an open mic down south when we all finish with work on Friday night. The librarian who plays acoustic guitar, the catholic church priest assistant who is not religious that plays acoustic guitar and sings like an angel, and me the chef who writes poetry and recite my stuff along to music. We would all pile in my van and go...

Last minute changes occur so we all decide to meet at a centrally located restaurant and have a glass of wine. Our open mic buddy and chef, Rich runs the Tre Bar...

I get there first, walk in to a DJ playing dance music and a place full of people dressed in green. There is St Patty's Day decor all over. I think oh goodness I love this, but how are the other two going to respond when they walk in, because it is loud! Not another thought about it cause I am on the dance floor...woo hoo! I did not have on any green, but I had my grandfathers Irish hat on, and I am well, Scotch-Irish.

Soon the other two walk in while hubby is chair dancing and I am shaking some booty next to him...they love it, so we all are on the floor now with a glass of wine, and as it turns out we all had a late night. I say "why don't you come over stay the night" (I just live behind the place and walk there). They agree and when we hit the front door I went straight into "Oh lord what am I going to feed these people in the morning" mode, because the wee green kitchen helpers don't come around my house after hours.

Of course some light brunch foods and tea!

So I throw together some blue corn and quinoa dough for tortillas, wrap them up tight and store them. Get my 'mise' together for the morning of sliced peaches, green peppers, red onions, sliced hot house tomatoes, eggs and cream for mini sun dried tomato and goat cheese omelets.

When I had my cafe one of the most popular things where the 'Peachy Treat Quesadillas' on whole wheat tortillas. Saute the mixture with a *Bam* of paprika, garlic, chili powder, salt/pepper mixture that I keep in a spice shaker and then throw them into the tortilla with some goat cheese.

Now one thing I did different this time on the tortillas dough is I added 'smoked chili powder' to the mixture, but aside I had taken 1/3 of the dough, added cinnamon and sugar to make some little cookies. I wanted a nice little sweet finish to the brunch, and got this stack idea from a new blog that I just love. She did a similar stack, but with beets and goat go check her out Sarah Herman @ sjgourmet, she is a chef and a photographer...

I sliced the dough while it was hard from the cooler into 1/4 inch cookies and dropped them in some oil, and man what a great little cookie they turned out to be!

As it turns out the friends go into help mode and we crank out this lovely little plate of brunch goodness, and we also find out that the owner is thinking of having the dance party once a week from now on since it turned out to be a hit on his register!