Monday, March 2, 2009

USS Arugula Soup

I had fun with this blog idea of 'Three Men In a Tub' nursery rhyme re-write...and recipe inspiration...


Three men in a tub;

And who do you think they be?

The butcher, the baker,

The cookappeal-maker;

They all sailed out to a green sea...

The health food market had a large pile of fresh arugula and it is packed full of beta-carotene and things called glucosinolates, which promote the body's natural detox process like the dandelions I have been eating. It's also an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, and K. If you go on the internet and do some research you will find that people who consumed approximately 250mcg/day of vitamin K had a 35% lower risk of hip fractures compared to those who consumed just 50mcg/day. You know me I am on the 'Greens are the new Junk Food' eating plan...

Scallops: Heat pan to medium high and add dash of oil and roasted garlic with squeeze of lemon or orange juice; brown until cooked through (7 minutes).

'Lost at Sea Scallops' Roasted Garlic and Arugula Soup

My soup started with one pound of fresh arugula, clean and chop (reserve whole leaves for garnish)... set aside; take three heads of garlic and roast with olive oil in toaster oven on 300 degrees for half an hour or so (makes a nice potpourri, body oil, and artery cleaner); You will be using two heads in soup, the other will be for rubbing on toast that will be the raft on top, remove out as much of the roasted garlic cloves and set aside; place garlic oil in pan.

WARNING: Clean hands good before removing garlic due to fingers may need to be licked after this messy occurrence, or you can also rub the toast with excess.

In pan slowly heat 2 tablespoons of butter with the oil from roasted garlic, adding 1 large red onion finely chopped, and saute until begins to become transparent, but not browned; Add as much of the roasted garlic cloves as you desire; 4 cups of vegetable stock, and arugula leaves and cook on medium until leaves have wilted.

Puree the soup with small amounts of stock until desired thickness, and serve with slice of toast floating on top with some small pan seared bay scallops; goat cheese optional...

'Save Our Ship'
said the three...

CookAppeal Maker, E Stelling, 3/2/09

Lost on an ocean, a sea of green…
No sails.
No compass.
No direction.
Alone with only your thoughts,
Adrift on salty concoctions;
Add some passing fish
Make a paddle from drift
Stir up some friends
Throw in a bed of self discovery & personal growth
Healthy taste of what’s to come, and
You have cooked up;
A great big bowl of Yum!

This was submitted for 'Eating Your Words' and information is here 'Lost at Sea' Poem

David Kamp wrote a well known and good read 'United States of Arugula' that explores the food movement from James Beard to Molecular Gastronomy over the years... I love to follow, and have been following food movements since I first watched 'Galloping Gourmet' jet about the avocado green and yellow studio kitchen with his glass of wine while explaining what exactly gourmet was... I had the privilege of meeting David Kamp at a convention in NYC where he was the keynote speaker for Star Chefs... I recommend you read the book!

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