Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'her fork...' misses the plate!

Seems like I have been in a book posting mode in the past weeks...and as I sit down to re-read this book and eat my simple lunch of Quinoa, salsa, goat cheese, and leafy green salad my fork missed the plate as I fell off the chair! I believe they called me a book worm when I was younger...

Hubby reads every day when he gets the chance, and it is what brought us together, well sort of... I sent him a note and quoted Shakespeare, and that sealed the deal...no girl he had ever gone out with read as much as he, little own quote anything famous or interesting...

There are so many things in this book that fascinates me about my food journey and reading about anyone else. Here is a quote from Alice Waters- "Eating authentic food enriches your travel experience by exposing you to the agriculture and culture of a particular place..."

In my post of late I talk about how I believe that instead of opening up our minds, we open up our mouths so wide that we forget to savor what we have so lovingly prepared for others or just ourselves... we gobble up the food in a meaningless manner...my solution...grab a good book like this and sit down to a meal...take a bite...read a few pages...savor both...repeat!

TIDBITS: Some of the books highlights go like this...

Pizza has made its way onto tables and menus around the world. The most popular topping in Japan is squid; in Australia it is eggs; and in India it is pickled ginger. -JB

Using chopsticks is an art with many rules of etiquette-
-Do not lick or chew on your chopsticks'
-Never set your chopsticks down parallel across your rice bowl (bad luck!);
-Do not stab your chopsticks into their food so that they stand up in a vertical position (reminiscent of a common funeral ritual);
-Never point or gesture with your chopsticks (impolite).