Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vintage Casserole Recipe & Contest

Many blogs out there inspire me, and Karen @ DomesticMuse came to visit me and so like a good fellow blog I went to see what she was all about. First let me say, there sure are a lot of us Gemini's out there with blogs, and then I will say "Good gracious" how the world would suffer with out our endless writing, brainstorming, creative, and funny as heck sense of humor...her and Donna-FFW along with many others who crack me up!

Okay on to the point...she has this blog about Everthing Old is NewAgain and Vintage Aprons contest... All you have to do is find a vintage recipe cards...I hope this counts, because its more than just a card!

My 'Prize' Winning Story: I have this old recipe book (still in the box it came with) that my next door neighbor gave me when I was fifteen...I had begun to cook on my own in home economics back in junior high, and can you believe this...all I did was talk about food and how working as a Dietitian's Assistant in a high school work program opened up a whole world for me. The neighbors, Peggy and Clayton took me under their wing because they only had boys, they thought of me as a daughter and lavished me with wonderful cooking gifts and I ate at their house once a week (I have mentioned that I found ways to get away from my bland home food). The husband was proud of his fig trees which was a foreign but sweet discovery in my foodway journey as he would pass a few my way over our fences. The apron they gave me eventually was stolen in a home robbery when I moved out on my own (why on earth they would steal it?). Well at least they did not take my prized recipe book! So if I could win the apron that reminds me of their kindness, it would mean a lot! (E take a breath...)

'My what fell out of this book!'

What is really weird is how a few days ago Alexis AKA Mom wrote about how she pulled recipes out of magazines in her Make Something Monday, and about her hubby laughing and giving her a hard time saying she just lets them sit there and pile up and never using them. So she and her son Cole as featured in my Junior Chef post whipped up a meat pie from one of her clippings and showed that hubby of hers. Then it reminded me about my recipe book that has sat on the shelf and not touched for...lets just say years! Goodness do I even know where it is? I go into our overflow book closet, yeah most would build a shoe closet, but no I have a book closet! Man I am glad we keep that door dusting for me in there...but MAN did I find some books I had forgotten about...more blog ideas coming...

I found a recipe I had created when I was first married, and a sign I was beginning to become experimental in theory and execution...and it does qualify as vintage, since I am only a few years from 50 right?



Seafood Romano Casserole

3 cups zucchini slices
1 cup red onion, quarter thin slices
1/4 cup heavy cream (I used rice milk, not as creamy, but healthier)
1 cup chopped Roma tomatoes
1 cup grated Romano cheese
1 cup grated raw white cheddar (in the old day is was orange)
1 cup bread crumbs (I used gluten free, or use Panko)
1/2 cup chopped cooked shrimp
1/2 cup chopped crab meat (they do make 'real' imitation now)

Layer all ingredients and bake at 425 degrees for 45 minutes and top browns...

My mind is swirling with ideas of how I could have added artichoke hearts, and this and that...

Honestly, no good pics here of the finale product, I may go back and try again, but really do casseroles look that good as a finished product? You scoop them out onto a plate or bowl, and add another sprinkle of cheese and parsley flakes before shoving it in front of your spouse. At least that is what I did, but is sure smelled darn good up on the office, and tasted even better...

HISTORY: Well it was something my mom would have never made. I was bored with regular cookbook recipes before I was out of diapers, and when attending home economics in Junior High we were given an assignment to create our own dish and bring it with the recipe and so everyone could try. I found out that there was more to the cheese world than colby or longhorn cheddar that my dad only allowed on the table, and discovered cheese from foreign lands such as Italy. Maybe I got the idea for the name from my drama classes in school, I am not sure...but when everyone tasted it a rumor was spread that I was adopted and just wait until my son finds this book in all my belongings when I go to that big kitchen in the sky...his kids will enjoy it too!

NOW FOR MY GIVEAWAY! Yes I have found a great gift to give away...Sam is the owner of 'The Cat House' a gift store that I just love, because it does not aggravate my allergies to visit and see all of her cute items for sale...she gave this wonderful business card holder to pass on when I mentioned I was a chef and loved writing about it! I bet it would hold lots of those cards you get when you sign up...or your dance cards ladies!

Rules- Just share a funny cooking/baking story that involves you as a kid...or your pet...and we will choose a random comment from this post...the deadline is April 1st, and it has to be a true story! You also must blog once you receive the card holder and link back to 'Behind The Wheel Chef'...