Monday, March 2, 2009

Junior Chef Awards!

Since our families have been fun loving about our making a meal, grabbing a camera then after 100 good shots, they finally get to eat, and the fact that we give each other awards- how about the kids?

I just cannot help but love kids in the kitchen as I taught my 'KIDing Around In The Kitchen' cooking classes to 'Junior Chefs' of all ages for years while living in Dallas. My clients son and his neighboring friends would also come over for lessons in pie making on occasion in the past while I work as a personal chef. The classes were a way of bringing kids and parent closer together to help form a better way of communication in our home or professional environments...

Reading post and seeing such cute photos of these kids that help mom just as my son did at age six and up. I taught him to flip his own over easy eggs. Seemed that he was so darn hungry all the time! He would come into the bedroom and say "MOM! What is for breakfast, I am hungry...NOW"! Imagine Bam-Bam on the Flintstones...he would scare me right out of a dead sleep sometimes... He helped me cook after many long days at work, homeschooling them, and his sister's illness keeping us up late most nights. A chef instructor at the culinary school where worked and attended saw him and asked if he could come work for him at his country club. At fourteen I took him each weekend across town so that he could have a good work ethic. Now he is in college and has been training to be a butcher through Whole Foods in MO.

So to you Junior Chefs I pass on this award, and hope that you appreciate your parents hard work and taking the time to train you for your future food journeys in life; whether out of a can, box, from scratch or semi-homemade, its all good!

'Look at him with his 'Voila' pose here for his helping make pie...'

Cole who is Alexis AKA Mom son is always pouring, stirring, watching and posing...I have a feeling this little man is on his way to wooing the girls with some passed along mommy training or at least her good sense of humor!

'looks like she is making biscuits the way Chef E was taught many years ago!'

Hannah is 5 Star Foodies official taste tester and kitchen staff (hey Hannah have you gotten a pay raise in allowance for all your work?), and writes about her memorized mommy recipes in stories and poetry...she even taste tested for me, and passed me along her version of a chocolate cherry dessert wrap! She is developing quite the high-end taste buds I hear...

'Hannah has made a costume change and is thinking about what to make next'...

Next up is Joie de vivre @ An amateur gourmets guide two little kitchen wonders all dressed up for some kitchen action...they helped mom execute a long Thanksgiving meal production, and I bet they too will grow up and woo the world or a woman with some great lessons from their mom!

If anyone knows of anymore Junior Chef's that should be recognized then please pass on this award and mention this post!

What's next? Well we have to think of an AWARD for the spouse that is afraid we might blog about their morning cereal or those photos we post without their knowledge, and the secrets we share...

I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Chefbliss for her passing me this award on her blog the other day...I bet she has some helpers over there we have not heard or come on give them up to us!

I love what people say about the ones they pass it on too..."Chef E, for being my first regular commenter/stalker/blog-friend extraordinaire!"

*chuckle* Its true while working I am always looking to see what all of you out there are doing...beware!

Oh and there is one more thing...I hired a new 'Junior Chef' assistant and she found out that she was not included in this blog (now she is), so let me introduce you to Lil'Ang. Angelia is 24 and a true Jersey Italian girl! I met over a year ago at my cafe and all she talked about was being a chef one day as she ate lunch once a week. She is about to graduate with a degree in Chemistry, is talkative, energetic, and yeah, a Gemini. We have lots of fun together and she needed a job to get her jump started into the food world, so we began last Thursday. She will help me and be in my new cooking videos (another blog), and assist me in the kitchen each week. You can find her on under lil'An..., but I have yelled (spoken softly) to her about keeping it up now that we will be creating things together...wish her luck!

Disclaimer: All names and faces of this post are real persons and have given their permission to show off for all of you! If the facts do not seem right then all I have to say is go check out their blog...