Sunday, March 1, 2009

Untidy Joseph's- Retro Buffalo

I follow a blog, Buffalodick over at Opinions and Rectums We All Got one, and he has been posting retro foods of long past... Face it many of us cook the comfort foods of our past, and we always will. Many of these recipes might get stepped up a notch and tweaked, but who didn't have a 'Manwich Sloppy Joe' ground beef on a bun growing up? If you did not then I am sorry, you have missed out on one of life's grandeurs of 'Make Mom's life easy' recipes.

'Manwich'; it came in a can, and was basically the seasoned sauce that you added to browning ground beef. I have met people along my food journeys that have mimicked 'Sloppy Joes' through some strange ingredients. Once a woman in Union, MO used canned Cambell's chicken gumbo soup... Hard to believe but it did taste like the real thing when she was through and we were served her lovely sandwiches.

I saw Buff's post months back and felt like many others, he is a really good cook. I liked his thoughts on "Elevating a simple dish into something special isn't hard, it just requires your caring about the difference between edible and elegant"!... I had to share his post and revisit this childhood hand held wonder...and this is my 'Beef Sunday'...

So in his honor I found bison, or buffalo for $4.99 a pound at Whole Foods, and had the rest of his ingredients, followed his instructions, but made them into sliders on gluten free cut out bread. I am so looking forward to taking a great big bite out of Buff's Untidy Joseph at dinner time!

Personal Note: I hate my camera shots on this...and am so full from tasting this and other foods I was creating...Buff- this was so darn good!!! Back to the eating light chalkboard, lol