Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NJ Indian Market Tour- Chef's View

This week has been busy as usual, and today was fun for me. This was my first large group to take on this journey to India by way of going to a market and restaurant.
  • I talk about the ingredients available to duplicate Indian cooking in the home
  • How I came to love ethnic food and my passion for teaching
  • My own experience working in an Indian home kitchen as well as Indian restaurants
  • I order a variety of food for you to try
  • Talk about the Indian restaurant kitchen
  • Recommend New American Indian Restaurants in the area
  • Passed around my own instructional books on the spice, foods, and culture
  • Answer as many questions as you can throw out at me!
You also walk away with a gift bag of some unusual spices, recipes, and instructional materials that cover much of what I talk about...

Everyone including Intern Ang, said I did a good job, and had smiles when they left the restaurant (maybe because they finally got to eat!). The tour took three and a half hours from start to finish.

I already know where I ramble on and where I stop short (don't we all)...

Honestly, it was great fun doing this with them. They all were so much fun and nice all wrapped into one big group package!

I went fifteen minutes over my 'scheduled' and outlined tour...

Isles of spices, rice, chats, pickles, chikki tikki (brittle), and so many other good things...

Questions where answered by me while they checked every corner of the store out...

Rice...lots and lots of so many varieties that it can be overwhelming in a store like this...

The funniest part of the lunch was when you realize all of them had their cameras out and ready as each dish came to the table...

Camera and photo styling talk, but notice the two on this end of the table were digging into the food, lol!

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Thanks to everyone! I hope we all can do something like this again one day...