Friday, March 6, 2009

POM- Stuff This Chick!

Seems like I hear the doorbell a lot before I have to start my day of work this week. Packages arriving between hubby and I that are stirring new recipe and blog ideas. Whewww what it can really mean is more work for moi!

I noticed many blogs over the past few months, especially during the holidays have included pomegranate recipes...

My newest and first blog advertisement came a few weeks ago and is something that totally fits in with my philosophy in eating and health...POM juice!

Not only did I get a 'care package' of chili from another blog but in that box was a baggy of 'Amaranth grain that I had never seen in person, only the ground flour, so I tried it...tasted like little kernels of teeny weeny popcorn for leprechauns that are getting ready to hit March 17th!

POM sent me a collection of these bottles to try, so I decided to make some Stuffed Balsamic Chicken Breast for our supper. We already drink this on a regular basis and you can go over to their site and see all the products they carry, funny campaign ads, as well as join their POM Club and receive discounts and updated news about their products.

'Amaranth is the white stuff in the baggy to the right'

This juice makes a tasty drink, cocktail, and is great to cook with! Even hubby talks about how I was off working out of town in my Pillsbury costume for the consulting company and he baked a chicken breast in the oven with salt pepper and then 'tried' to make a sauce from the pan drippings like he has seen me do so many times and tossed some seeds into the pan for added crunch, and what do you know he lived to tell me about it!

These Chicks are stuffed with amaranth , quinoa, mushrooms, eggs, POM juice, salt/pepper to taste, and then roasted along with some carrots, turnips, and parsnips!

I marinated the chicken overnight with POM, balsamic, and a little oil. After the stuffing sat overnight as well to plump up the amaranth and quinoa, I just put them on their backs and stuffed their open cavities, and into the bed of root vegetables along with a pat of butter to keep them dry during their roast in the oven on 375 degrees for about 37 minutes.

Oh and do not forget to take the marinade and pour it all over the baking dish full of ingredients; then cover with foil loosely so it still browns but does not dry out...

Look at that nice balsamic, POM browned and glazed veggies and stuffed chicken!