Saturday, March 14, 2009

panis focacius delicious

If you are a scallop lover like someone in my house is then you want to try every recipe you might think up to keep 'him' happy. His (our) taste buds demand it... This whole post could have become a blah 'figgy pie' or if you read up on focaccia, 'figgy cake', but you know me I just cannot let it stop there!

'mise' minus the scallops and brie...

The focaccia will be infused with herbs, so all you have to do is top it with the ingredients and bake! *finger tapping counter while waiting for the final rise*

Not a lot of words today, just let the thought of what this slice topped with its cheesy scallop and figgy goodness left behind in your mouth...

HISTORY: In ancient Rome, panis focacius[2] was a flat bread baked in the ashes of the fireplace, (focus in Latin). The word is derived from the Latin focus meaning “centre” and also “fireplace” -- the fireplace being in the centre of the house. In American-English, it is sometimes redundantly referred to as focaccia bread. As the tradition spread, the different dialects and diverse local ingredients resulted in a large variety of bread (some even may be considered cake).