Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Take a bite! NJ Blog Tour & Luncheon

How many times in our lives have we wanted or been curious about a food but were afraid to try it? Maybe because there is a myth about it being too spicy for your taste buds, or you think all Indian food is curry? Not me (wel,l if it is still crawling on the ground and not sushi, or cooked on a plate). I normally will jump right in and learn as much as I can, and then it leads to discovery and invention of newer dishes in my come on New Jersey residents...take a bite! Join us March 28th in the Princeton area for a fun experience...

Deborah Smith of and I discussed months ago about a blog I posted one of my 'Epicurean Adventures' packages, Planet India VS Alien Consumer... I talked about going into a strange ethnic market and not knowing what to do with the ingredients. I take the client on a tour of the store that includes a packet of ingredient lists and recipes for you to go home and duplicate.

Once finished we will travel just down the street to a wonderful Indian restaurant and order a variety of foods that you all taste (vegetarian, chicken, beef/lamb, breads, and desserts). I also also include a taste one of my favorite wines in this package... This event however will be free for New Jersey blogs only. Lunch is separate and will run about $15 - 20 per person depending on the amount of food you decide to order. You will be alllowed extra time to purchase any ingredients at the store with the CookAppeal discount as well while I answer any questions...

I am excited about meeting many of you and helping solve any myths about Indian foods being all spicy (hot). There are many things on the menu that will inspire your kitchen creativity!

This message was sent out via email from Jersey Bites, 3/4/09:

A message to all members of Jersey Biters

Hi Biters,

This is a special invitation to all of our food bloggers. One of our fellow foodies and personal chef, Elizabeth Stelling, has offered to host a special educational tour of an Indian Grocery in the Princeton Area followed by lunch at an Indian restaurant.

The only requirement is that you blog about your trip which I think is great material for a blog post and a great opportunity for us all to get together and talk shop.

Please email me if you would like to attend. Date: March 28th. There are only 10 spots in total and 2 are taken already, so hurry and get your reply in.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Deb Smith

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Meet-up Location:

11:30 AM

Desi Corner
660 Plainsboro Road, #3
Plainsboro, NJ 08536